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Use our powerful platform to start conversations with thousands of decision-makers on LinkedIn.


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We’ll manage & optimise your campaigns, you just speak with the leads on LinkedIn.


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Accelerate business growth through done-for-you email marketing (data provided).


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The ultimate done-for-you lead generation solution, for unlimited leads on tap.


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Generate continuous website traffic through detailed keyword targeting & by leveraging top- performing PPC strategies on Google’s ad platform.



Cookie-based retargeting campaign to recapture the bounce traffic from your website through high-converting display ads. 


Sales Chatbot

Qualify potential prospects and convert website visitors into sales leads using high-converting chat strategies.


Frequently asked questions


We do recommend that you upgrade to a paid LinkedIn account to fully benefit from Leadzoom’s features. This is because LinkedIn limits the number of people you can search for each month. We also recommend that you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator as the filtering options are better than standard LinkedIn Premium.

There is no contract or long term commitment with Leadzoom. You can upgrade or cancel at any time, with upgrades and downgrades taking effect immediately. The new monthly rate will begin at the start of your next billing cycle.

Leadzoom has no limitation on the language of your LinkedIn account or the language that you use to connect with prospects.

Our automation tool is a cloud-based piece of software that allows you to fully automate your LinkedIn outreach campaigns without being dependent on your internet connection or device. We’re not just another Google Chrome extension that can stop working at any time. 

GDPR doesn’t affect the LinkedIn outreach and messaging campaigns so whilst your other marketing communications could be severely curtailed, Leadzoom ensures that you can run fully compliant campaigns.
Each profile and business is different. However all businesses need exposure, visibility and to stay in front of their ideal prospects. The look back rates that we’re seeing can range between 2-14%, with an average of 9%. Many of the people who look back at your profile will also send you a connection request but can also visit your website and engage directly with you.

By using the Auto-Connect, Free InMails or Sequential Messaging feature, you’ll be able to continuously reach out to new prospects, all on auto-pilot, which will guarantee a steady stream of leads every day.
When you activate Leadzoom, you’ll be asked to link your Leadzoom account with your LinkedIn one. If you wish to add more Leadzoom users, you can simply do that from your dashboard. This will immediately give you access to a multi-user dashboard.

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