The use of dynamic images or hyper personalisation is a marketing strategy that makes use of real-time data to give a more personal and relevant approach to the target audience delivered through artificial intelligence (AI).

A recent study conducted by Hubspot of over 330,000 calls to actions found a 202% increase in conversions when hyper personalisation was used.

Also, did you know that personalized emails deliver 6x higher engagement? 

With Leadzoom’s Personalise, you can create images that personalise to each recipient.


Let’s admit it. A lot of marketing campaigns out there sound either salesy or robotic. This is why most of those campaigns have very low success rates. The human touch is missing.

Now, this is where Personalise comes in and makes things appear much better and well, more human.

With Personalise, what happens is that we make use of images that either contain humor (think memes) or a photo provided by our client and then we add some personal touches such as the use of dynamic text layers like firstname, lastname, company name, job title, and more to make it more personal to the person on the receiving end.

To receive a “marketing” email in a way where it shows a lot of info about you with a hint of humor through the use of images, to us, that screams effort and well, it sort of breaks the stranger danger barrier between the sender and the recipient.


As mentioned above, you can make your outreach content more personal by adding dynamic text layers to the image of your choice. However, it does not stop there. With Personalise, there’s plenty of options when it comes to points of personalisation.

You can also add your target audience’s profile images or business logos in your outreach campaign. You can also highlight your website services by including website screenshots in your outreach content.

The possibilities in personalising your marketing approach through Personalise is really up to how much youR imagination can take or how creative you can be.

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