LinkedIn Automation

LinkedIn is a social media platform that is brimming with high quality leads. With almost 740 million members as of writing, one would be a fool not to use this medium to connect with fellow professionals and to reach out to as many prospects as possible.

The reality though is, reaching out on your own to your target audience is time consuming and takes a lot of effort too.

At Leadzoom, we can accelerate and use smart engagement strategies for your business on our platform. It allows you to reach out and engage with your prospects without having to lift a finger. Giving you more time to focus on what’s more important: closing deals.

How does it work?

Leadzoom does all the work for you by setting your LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to automatically connect with your target prospects. Just imagine how much time and effort you’ll save when all of this has been set up in your LinkedIn account.

1. Open your Leadzoom account

Setup your Leadzoom LinkedIn account within a few minutes and start your automated LinkedIn outreach right away.

2. Filter your target Customers

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, find your ideal customers by applying appropriate filters then choose the level of engagement you want to initiate.

3. Harvest your hot leads

Now sit back, relax and start expecting a generous flow of leads once your Leadzoom LinkedIn campaign has started. This is the beauty of auto-pilot.

Key Features

Leadzoom LinkedIn Outreach Rewards to Look Forward To

Who can get amazing lead generation results with Leadzoom?

Business Owners, Directors and CEOs

Sales Team


Recruitment Team

Marketing Team

Everyone in the B2B sector

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