Email is still one of the most commonly used communication mediums in the world. It’s free, fast and you can send it to anyone anywhere in the world as long as that person has access to the internet.

It was reported that by the end of 2020, there are over four billion people who have an email account and that an office worker receives an average of 500 emails per week. In addition, according to, about 306 billion emails are sent each day with about 60 billion of it tagged as spam emails. Cutting through the noise can be very challenging and would require a lot of A/B testing here and there. 

This is where our email outreach campaign will come in the picture. We have developed the right system where we can help you reach out to your target audience efficiently.

Marketing is all about finding the right mix: right people, right message, right timing and right strategy.

We designed our email outreach campaign to do exactly that, get the right mix.

Read on to understand how it works.


Expedite revenue growth is one of the top goals of businesses and email is a great way to achieve that. The use of email gives you the chance to touch base with your ideal customer and Leadzoom will assist you through the process using tried and tested lead generation strategies.

Our state of the art tool uses an AI-powered system and crunches a special combination of algorithmic attribution models. This process helps ensure the success of every email campaign we launch.

Quality is one of our topmost priorities when it comes to our services including email campaigns. That is why we make sure that before we even start a lead generation campaign, we study what your company does, what you do for your customers and who your target audience is.


Any marketing strategy needs to do constant A/B testing as a way of optimising the current campaign and improve results over time. This is exactly what we do whenever we carry out experiment suggestions to our clients. 

Experimenting with your marketing strategies is not only time consuming but it also involves a lot of thinking on what other approach you should use to improve your campaign. At Leadzoom, we will not only take away this burden off of your shoulders but we can even have this automated for you.

This approach is designed with the help of scientific methods to carry out accurate experimentations, let you decide based on real-time data and save you a lot of time and effort from the guesswork you’ll have to do if you will self manage your email campaigns. 


Two of the most important parts of a lead generation campaign are set up and optimisation. At Leadzoom, both are standard inclusions in all of our plans making the process as easy and fast as possible. 

Want to know more about the process we use? No problem! Ask away and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with the best recommendations based on the info you will provide us.


The use of Proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm in our email marketing module is one of the standard features we’re proud of and happy to provide our clients. NLP screens all of the email replies that have been produced across all channels.

Our goal is to pick up positive responses on your behalf as soon as possible so you can follow up with them right away. And to make it even better, we also have a team of people who screen checks all replies to ensure that we don’t miss any messages that may lead to an opportunity. This process will surely save you tens of hours a month by pre-qualifying leads so that when your sales team gets in touch with them, they’re ready to make a purchase.

Having said all that, all these processes will not take away the option for you to actually check the responses yourself. All our tools are designed in such a way where there are options to help you get the greatest viable benefit in the shortest time possible.