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Barbri Global

We’ve only begun our campaigns with them. But, we have already seen great results. Leadzoom made it easier for us to find the people who really need and want our services. We’ve hoped to receive quality leads, and Leadzoom didn’t disappoint. They’ve delivered. It is also easy to communicate with the Leadzoom team. They listened to us and gave us their thoughts on how to get the best outcome for each campaign. They always make sure that our campaigns are performing at an optimum level.
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Wirehouse Employer Services

Leadzoom has helped us for months in building our sales pipeline and increase in revenue. They are always eager to provide suggestions and improvements when needed. They are easy to work with and we’re quite happy with the results we were given and experienced.
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Getting B2B Leads Is Hard

Too Expensive

B2B leads aren’t usually cheap. A high cost per lead will eat into your profits and decrease your ROI. We’ll show you how to drive down your costs whilst also increasing the quality of your leads, which in turn will increase your overall  ROI.

Limited Targeting

With Google, Facebook/Instagram & Twitter, your targeting options are limited. That’s why we use LinkedIn for detailed profiling based on an individual’s job role, industry, company type/size & more. This is a game-changer when it comes to B2B lead gen.

Not Qualified

Purchasing cold data, contact forms & cold calling are very rarely qualified leads. Stop wasting your time selling to the wrong people and find out how to utilise proven B2B techniques to qualify your prospect lists.

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